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About company

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Our history

The STOPEXPRESS Company was founded on the 2nd of November 2012.

STOPEXPRESS shops are the convenience type retail chain, where we sell a variety of impulse demand products, such as drinks and chocolates, tobacco and press, dairy and non-food. Integral parts of our assortment are coffee “to go”, freshly made bakery and tasty fast food.

We opened our first STOPEXPRESS shop on the 26th of January 2013. The development of our chain is now concentrated in St. Petersburg where we currently have 29 shops, including the ones on train stations, in Pulkovo airport, as well as in various shopping and business centers.

We are carrying on our development program, and we will inform you promptly of the new store openings on our web site.

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Our values

  1. Consistent adherence to high standards in serving our customers
  2. Only quality products and ingredients
  3. The concept and design of our shops are aimed to form positive emotions

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Our purpose

We are creating the first and the largest convenience type retail chain in Russia. We are building shops where every customer would find himself in a friendly atmosphere, buy what he needs here and now, as well as have a quick and tasty bite along with a sip of a freshly grained coffee.